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It is often just assumed that the only way out of property debt is bankruptcy or to hand back your keys, in some cases that may well be the appropriate option but not always, we have been successfully writing off millions in mortgage debt on behalf of our clients since 2012.

We are the only company that is fully licensed and regulated in the UK to offer you ALL of the available solutions under one roof.

Our average write off is over 75%, this is over a six year period with hundreds of successfully settled cases.

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Are you concerned about negative equity? Is it causing you worry?

Are you trapped in an interest only mortgage with no way of repaying at the end of your term?

Do you feel that your current property situation is becoming unmanageable?

Are you stuck with negative equity but need to sell your home in order to move?

Do you Find difficulty in dealing with your lender? Do you feel that they are putting your under undue pressure?

Are your mortgage arrears becoming unmanageable?

Do you feel that your mortgage was mis-sold?

The downturn in the UK housing market in 2008 and continuing

economic uncertainty has left many people with a level of mortgage

debt that they find increasingly difficult to manage or justify.

With the Fallout from Brexit on the horizon,

things may well be about to get worse. 

We Can Help

Interest Only Mortgage/Buy To Let

Change in Personal Circumstances

Buy To Let Landlords

Divorce or Separation

Every year we help hundreds of families move on from negative equity. We can help you too.

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We are the UK's leading property debt specialists

When it comes to finding the best solutions to property debt issues, nobody goes further or has more experience than the Negative Equity UK team

Do you qualify for a Negative Equity debt write-off?

Answer these 7 questions.

Question 1

If your mortgage is interest only, will you struggle to repay the full amount at the end of your term?

Question 2

Are you stuck in a property that is no longer suitable for you or your family?

Question 3

Are you trapped in a mortgage with an ex-partner?

Question 4

Is your buy-to-let property losing you money every month?

Question 5

Is your interest only term running out?

Question 6

Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments each month?

Question 7

Would an interest rate rise make your mortgage un-affordable?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, fill in the form today to speak to an adviser…we can help.