Common Questions

We have answered the most common frequently asked questions in the following video

Virtually all circumstances are unique but here are some of the common questions we find ourselves being asked by prospective clients. Do any sound familiar?

I don’t want to go bankrupt!

In the vast majority of our cases (over 99.5%), there is no need for bankruptcy to fix a negative equity problem. As experts in this field, we negotiate negative equity debt write-offs that work for our clients, both in terms of affordability and their future aspirations.

I’ve never missed any payments in my life

Most of our clients are exactly like you. Often a negative equity problem is not purely financial. You don’t have to be struggling financially today to qualify for a negative equity debt write-off.

I’m worried about my credit rating

This is the most common concern we hear from the majority of our clients. As we review cases in-depth, we can advise you about future credit worthiness. Most clients will want to buy another property in the near future and we can help them do this.

I don’t want anyone to find out about my negative equity problem

Neither do we. In most cases, our clients’ properties are sold via an estate agent in the normal way. The debt is dealt with privately and there is no court involvement, bankruptcy or any other third parties involved.

What will my employer/professional body say?

We’ve helped clients who are Solicitors, Accountants, Civil Servants, Teachers, Business people, Company Directors and Bank Managers who were all concerned about their professional standing. If this is concerning you, it needn’t. Our highly trained advisors have many years of experience providing exactly the right advice to people just like you.

I don’t want to discuss my private finances with a stranger

This is totally natural. Without exception, all clients have felt the same way before they spoke to us. What they encountered was an expertly trained, empathetic advisor who spent the time to gain a detailed understanding of their circumstances and advised on a solution that worked.

My situation is different. My mortgage lender would never write-off any debt for me

Clients voice this concern to our advisors every day. The nature of our service is such, that we can establish exactly where you stand and what your options are, before any negotiation even takes place. If you’re worried about negative equity and you’re on this website, isn’t it worth a phone call for peace of mind?

I have another property; I’m worried about losing it too

Totally understandable. Over 50% of our clients have more than one property. We are here to provide you with the advice you need around other assets, your income and your financial future.

I can’t afford to pay fees

Every client is concerned about the cost of selling a property and settling any remaining debt. The good news that every debt write-off/settlement we’ve completed has been affordable to our client, both in terms of payment to the lender and ourselves. We offer bespoke payment terms to ensure that the service you need is affordable.

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