Divorce / Seperation

Splitting up with your partner can be very stressful and there are so many things to sort out and resolve.

Clients come to us in situations where they are bound to their negative equity mortgage with their ex-partner. Often the solicitors have already approached the bank in an effort to allow one partner to continue with the mortgage themselves and release their ex-partner from the debt.

With negative equity and affordability issues frequently, this isn’t possible so people find themselves  in the grossly unfair position of being stuck with a mortgage and financial association, with their ex, that neither of them actually want.

If you are burdened with negative equity and are separated or divorced/divorcing, you can speak to us in complete confidence. We’ve been specialising in this area since 2013 and have helped 100s of people in similar situations

Next Steps

We regularly receive introductions from matrimonial solicitors for their clients in this worrying situation. Providing both exes are in agreement, the property can be sold and a negative equity settlement put in place in relation to the remaining debt.

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