Negative Equity Settlement

 If you feel stuck with a property you no longer want, or if you have a rental property that no longer makes financial sense, then this approach has many benefits.

  • Over £200,000,000 in debt written off for our clients
  • Available with 98% of lenders

We are representing 100’s of Homeowners and Landlords, across the UK, who are going through negotiated settlements with all the major lending companies. This doesn’t mean going bankrupt or selling all of your properties, what it means is freeing yourself from the problem property that you don’t need or can’t afford long term.

Negative Equity UK is the market leader with this type of innovative debt solution. We have negotiated on behalf of hundreds of our clients, resulting in millions of pounds of debt being written off.

Our team of property, debt and banking professionals have honed our FCA approved approach to mortgage shortfall negotiations. We manage all aspects of the case, from advice, asset management, helping you with your Estate Agent and through to negotiating the sale and settlement with your lender.

Case Example:

Property Value:                   £100,000

Outstanding mortgage:   £165,000

Property Sold for:               £100,000

Negative Equity:                 £65,000

Settlement payable:         £16,250 (25%)

Terms:                                   £270 per month over 5 years without interest

Saving:                                  £48,750

The level of debt written off will depend on your overall financial circumstances and the lender which holds your mortgage. This is why we recommend a Case Review, initially. Then you’ll know exactly where you stand and can make your decision concerning how best to address your property debt.

Negative Equity Sale and settlement – We successfully negotiate 100s of cases every year whereby our clients’ property is sold and an affordable debt settlement is agreed. Interested to know more

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