Our definitive guide to negative equity

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Definitive guide to negative equity

What is negative equity? Why is it a problem? What can be done to deal with it?

Negative Equity UK

| Overview

At Negative Equity UK, we know that our clients have questions. Most people don’t spend their time thinking about negative equity, IVAs and interest rates, but at Negative Equity UK we spend every day dealing with these issues. So, to help potential clients understand their situation and what we can do to help, here is our definitive guide to negative equity.

What is negative equity?

Essentially, negative equity describes a situation where a property is worth less than the outstanding balance of the mortgage which was borrowed in order for the homeowner to buy the property.

For some borrowers negative equity is manageable, if they can stay in the property and keep up with their repayments, but for others who need to move or who can’t afford the cost of the mortgage negative equity can be a crisis.

| How we can help

At Negative Equity UK, we see clients from a wide range of backgrounds in all sorts of different circumstances. Some of our clients have had a change of circumstances, such as losing a job or becoming ill, that has made their mortgage unaffordable, others took out interest only mortgages without a way to repay the principal loan. Whatever the situation, we can help.

Our team of property debt specialists offers a range of possible solutions based on your situation

Whatever your circumstances, the process starts with a case review. We will obtain all of the original documentation on your mortgage from your lender so we can assess your needs and work out the best way for us to help you

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