Stuck and Need to Move?

It is a common and stressful problem where homeowners who bought or re-mortgaged 2004-2008 have waited for property prices to rise enough to enable them to sell. 15 years on and if you’re still stuck in negative equity isn’t it time to look at a different approach?

With our Case Review  process, we’ll advise you on whether:

  • Your mortgage was mis-sold 
  • It’s a good idea to let your property and re-negotiate the current mortgage
  • You qualify for debt reduction and can avail of a Negative Equity Settlement

You can then decide on which of these options suits you best.

Has negative equity prevented you from moving to a more suitable property or area?

Next Steps

We are helping clients with this problem every day. Our empathetic and professional approach will ensure you are listened to and receive the correct advice in a clear and friendly way.

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