What Guarantees come from using CD Fairfield Capital?


The protection you have as a customer of CD Fairfield is that we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for all our work in the UK. This means that we are submit to stringent regulation and reporting measures, as well as clients having access to the Financial Ombudsman Service if they are unhappy. You have total peace of mind about the work we do.

What do CD Fairfield do?

As of January 2020, across our range of services, Negative Equity UK, Negative Equity NI, Get Help With Debt, Landlord Debt Advisory, CD Fairfield Insolvency, we have represented thousands of clients and negotiated over £126 million in property debt.           

We offer a range of services, with a track record of successful outcomes that is unmatched in our sector. We offer all potential new clients a free initial consultation to review their options.

Speak to one of our qualified experts today on 0161 660 4403 to see what Negative Equity Solutions we can offer you.

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