Negative Equity Calculator

negative equity calculator

In the last few weeks, there have been a range of articles online ( highlighting that house prices across the UK are continuing to fall as uncertainty about the outcome of the general election puts people off any movements in the property market.  In contrast there are various reports for Northern Ireland highlighting that the local housing market has improved between 2% and 6% but it is suggested this is because the property market in NI started from a lower baseline price, so hasn’t really improved dramatically.

What does this mean for me?

If you are concerned about what the change in the housing market means for you, take a look at our easy to use negative equity calculator (calculator to appear below).  Simply enter the current estimated value of your home and how much you still owe on your mortgage and our calculator will tell you how much equity or negative equity your home has.  Consider whether you believe you can afford to repay your mortgage in full between now and the time the mortgage ends or if you might need to move house between now and then.  If you think you either have an issue right now, or a potential problem in the future Negative Equity UK are on hand to provide advice and assistance.

What is the next step?

Being well informed is half the battle, our calculator will help you actually work out where you stand.  If you would like professional and expert advice, Negative Equity UK (part of the CD Fairfield group) is authorised and regulated by the FCA to help UK property owners with a range of mortgage challenges. You’ll find our adviser team approachable, knowledgeable and completely non-judgmental – Call us on 0161 660 4403.

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