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Since 2013 Negative Equity UK have helped clients resolve over £70,000,000 of negative equity.  Negative Equity UK is part of the CD Fairfield Capital group.

In many, but not all cases, this involves representing Landlords and Homeowners who need to sell their negative equity properties and address any remaining debt in a consensual, managed way. With this type of case they have completed 100s of mortgage shortfall settlements for clients. In 2018 the average mortgage shortfall debt write-off was 77% of the negative equity.

Negative Equity UK are currently the only company that is authorised and regulated by the FCA to advise on all property debt options which include:

  • Mortgage shortfall settlement solution
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • Mortgage re-negotiation
  • Mortgage re-broking
  • Mis-selling Case

And Bob Shanks (Client Relations manager) says their tried and tested process yields unrivalled results.

“The first step is the case review – here we request your lending documentation along with your own paperwork such as bank statements and proof of income to enable us to make you a recommendation specific to your circumstances. The reason we complete the case review first, and as a stand-alone piece of work, is so that we can advise you well in advance of any future lender negotiations how best to legitimately present your case to your lender.”

“When it comes to negotiating the sale and settlement of a property in negative equity, Negative Equity UK have more experience in this field than any other organisation in the UK and this is borne out by our results and the sheer volume of Accountants, Solicitors, Estate Agents and Financial Advisers who introduce their clients to us. Long-standing lender relationships enable us to represent clients with the best possible outcome in mind, and the track record to deliver.”

Independently verified client reviews can be found here:  and Phil Davison (Managing Director) says they are delivering for their clients as they look to improve their current situation.

“Our clients are happy with the service we provide. Independent reviews say that 99% of our clients would give us a very strong rating and recommend us to their friends and family.”

“The success rate we have since we opened is that over 96% of our clients who have come to us for a debt resolution or debt write-down have had a successful outcome.”

And Phil Davison believes Negative Equity UK has the knowledge and expertise to deliver the solution you need for your problem.  “Our clients have access to a vast pool of knowledge and experience – collectively our team have completed over 30,000 debt settlements throughout their careers to date. All options in the UK property debt market are available to you here. “We are the only company in the UK at this present time that offers this scope of service,” he added.

But many people wonder why would a bank write-down a debt? Davison said: “We get asked that question all the time; In the first instance, the bank lent money based on the original affordability criteria;

“If one of our client’s affordability has changed due to circumstances beyond their control then the banks are obliged to look at it again.”

“Adding to this many lenders are still vastly over-exposed with negative equity and interest only lending due to their fast and loose lending practices in 2004 – 2008. They know that many of these debts simply cannot be repaid in full by the borrower and from the bank’s perspective any losses can be written off against future taxation.

What protection will you have if you use Negative Equity UK?

FCA Authorisation enables Negative Equity UK (CD Fairfield Capital) to advice and represent clients with property debt issues but it also prevents them from recommending a course of action that is not in the client’s best interest. All advice is open to scrutiny and redress via the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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