Who We Have Helped in the Past

Who we have helped in the past

Rodney & Julie bought their 3 bedroom house at the end of 2007 after they got married.  They now have 3 kids and were hoping that the housing market would improve but it has not and they needed to move to a bigger home and thought they would need to borrow money from their family in order to move on. 

Julie initially got in touch with Bob from Negative Equity UK and was reassured by the initial chat with him and the fact that no question was unanswered!  Julie understood that the case would only go to a case review stage if Negative Equity UK could offer a potential solution to the situation they were in.

After the case review was completed we took our time to think everything through and after it was agreed that a negotiated settlement was the best option Negative Equity UK took care of everything.  

Rodney & Julie were able to get £98,000 of negative equity mortgage debt settled for £20,000 and able to move on to their new home.

Laura & Tom got in touch with the team at Negative Equity UK at the end of 2018 as they felt that they were stuck with the interest only mortgage which was in negative equity of over £50,000.  Laura had been offered a new job in Dubai and neither of them wanted to be a landlord.

The case manager took care of everything for them and the settlement process was sorted within a year. 

Michael contacted Negative Equity UK about 2 years ago regarding 2 problem properties in his portfolio.  One was badly in negative equity and the other was a mis-sold interest only mortgage.  He had put the problem off for years while loosing money as he thought that the other 5 properties would be at risk with any settlements. 

Negative Equity UK took care of all of the paperwork and negotiations with the lenders and after everything was settled he saved over £65,000 and the other properties were unaffected. 

If you find yourself in a negative equity situation there are options available to you.  Have a no obligation chat with one of our experienced advisors today on 0161 660 4403.  You can check out our settled cases here and read our independent reviews here.

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